Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contra-indications with wearing a CNC?

No, the method is clinically tested and hypoallergenic, also for safety, all clients undergo an allergy test.

Can you sleep in your CNC?

Yes, your CNC is bonded to your scalp with medical-grade adhesive. So you can do everything in your CNC – sleeping, swimming, sports, and just relaxing.  It is your hair and is firmly attached for your peace of mind.

Is the CNC a wig?

No. Unlike a wig, the CNC system is created to precisely mirror your scalp, hairline and original direction of growth.

Once you have your CNC, you can enjoy a fully active life including swimming, wearing a helmet and high impact sports, as well as full styling treatments with no concerns. You’ll find that the CNC is far better than a wig.

Is the CNC a transplant?

No, the method is non-invasive and non-surgical. There is no risk of incompatibility or rejection.

How long does the CNC system last?

In theory, everything suffers from wear and tear and hair is subject to breaking because of traction and/or tearing, therefore duration is subjective and it also depends on the care and servicing.

Joshua & Co. recommends you have two CNC systems so you can alternate, having faster service times, and if you need to send one in for repair- you still have a CNC to wear.

Can I change my color or cut of my CNC?

Absolutely. The CNC system is practical and very functional: you can change your hairstyle and use styling products such as gel, hairspray, mousse. Read up on the 5 questions that we get asked most often.

Schedule time with Joshua & Co, to identify any color changes and cuts.

How do I care for my CNC?

You will need to come into Joshua & Co. for proper maintenance, which includes cleaning of the prosthesis and hair styling to improve your look.   It is also a great opportunity for you to relax and be cared for in an environment that supports you.

What does CNC actually stand for?

CNC is an acronym that stands for the Italian phrase Capelli Naturali a Contatto – strictly translated it’s “Hair Natural Contact.”

See how it’s made…

Your Joshua & Co. Design and CNC Creation

1. A plaster mold is created which captures the contours of your skull and scalp. Joshua will also determine the density of hair, texture, and design for you.

2 .Your plaster mold (parameter) is shipped to Italy and the magic continues.

  • Your mold is read by a scanner that captures the contour of your head and scalp.
  • This information is used by the 3D printing technology to create a life size form mold of your head and scalp.
  • The foam mold is used to create the base of your CNC.

3. A clone membrane is created by robotic technology, replicating the exact shape, lines and pantones of your scalp.

4. Meticulous selection of high-grade unprocessed European human hair to replicate color and texture based on Joshua & Co. recommendations.

5. Skilled artisans sew the individual hairs, one by one, with precise distribution onto the base that matches your skin tone providing the undetectability we all want with hair replacement.

6. The CNC is shipped back to Joshua and Co.

7. You come in for your 1st CNC service appointment.  Your CNC is non-surgically and painlessly adhered to your scalp with medical adhesive. Your new hair is then professionally cut, blended, and styled.

You now have all-day and all-night hair that looks, feels, washes, moves, and styles just like your natural hair. Have fun doing all the activities you want including swimming and high impact sports.

8. Come back in every 3-5 weeks to have a CNC service with a Cesare Ragazzi Certified Hair Loss Specialist at Joshua & Co.